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Ana Dosaj

Is this fight for you?

Is personal training right for you? Do you hate crowded gyms, dirty equipment, people sitting on the equipment and texting on their phones? 

Are you not getting results and not sure what to do? Are you bored with the same workouts? Are you struggling with accountability getting to the gym and find it easy to skip going altogether? Would you like to have someone show you what to do and take the guesswork out? Not sure what you should be eating?​

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact me for a free thirty-minute consultation.

How it Works

First, you'll contact me for a phone consultation. Discuss goals, any previous injuries, pricing and your availability for training. From there, we'll have you fill out a questionnaire via email. Finally, we'll schedule your first training session!

What You Will Get from Me!

  1. Attention to form to reduce injury and keep you feeling good!

  2. Science back nutrition guidance so you can ditch the fad diet and enjoy your food.

  3. Results driven strength training workouts design for you with your goals in mind.

  4. Guidance on what to do outside of your sessions whether it’s cardio or recovery based.

Ana Dosaj
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