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Ana Dosaj Fitness Trainer For Personnel Workouts & Nutrition Advice

Ana Dosaj

Ana Dosaj

I will be your coach, mentor, friend and biggest supporter in your journey to reaching your goals!

I will show and teach you the way! In just a few days of working together, through this program, you and I are going to become new best friends.

I have been a fitness professional for 25 years. I first fell in love with fitness when I was in college and I have never looked back.

I am married and have two teenage children, my family and I live in the bay area.

At the age of 40 I gave birth to my second child, 10 months later I was competing in my first competition. I think it was a midlife crisis LOL not sure. I didn’t place but continue to pursue my passion to compete and in 2014, I earned my professional status with the WBFF bikini division. Fitness is my passion and my life!

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Ana Dosaj
Ana Dosaj

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