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Ana Dosaj

Personal Training
& Nutrition Coaching

Looking good, feeling great and living life to the fullest!

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I have a proven system that works when it comes to losing weight, getting tone, and building muscle.

I am very focused on staying current on what is new in fitness and nutrition. I am passionately
committed to changing people's lives by helping them adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle. I
hope to inspire, motivate and teach my clients everything they need so they look and feel their best.


Over the years I’ve watched as the gyms I’ve worked at managed to fill up with exciting new members every January. (These members would fill up my Zumba classes)..They were ready, willing and able to take back control of their bodies and lose a few pounds, these people desperately buy into the New Year’s resolution strategy. By February 1 half of them are gone. By the 15th, 75% were nowhere to be found; And within two months, we usually would be back down to the same crew of active members. Your focus can’t just be about your body. It can’t only be about the eating and exercise portion of the program. If it is, then I guarantee that you’re setting yourself up for failure because weight gain and weight loss aren’t about weight; they’re about something much deeper. The body is merely the messenger, sending us warning signs when we’re disconnected-and weight gain is just one of them. My program is designed to take you deep into your body and break down it’s hidden messages, while aligning your body with your mindset and your soul. Once aligned, you will be empowered to live your most authentic life!

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Real People, Real Results!